PAA 2012 Day 6 Kickoff

Straight outta Brooklyn and onto the Ivy League! We got back in the cars to shuttle across the city and into a safe launching point in New Jersey…then it was off to the races through more rolling hills, beautiful farmland, and awesome dirt (well, mud really) roads!

Today was a fairly uneventful, yet totally amazing ride. We clocked about 65 miles overall, and had the chance to climb a lot (of course) and managed to get our speeds revved up pretty good as well.

Thankfully, there’s not much more to report than that. Tomorrow we’re off to Philly where the week 1 riders will depart (gonna miss my new bro, Naveen a lot) and the week 2 riders will join us. We’ll have a day off in the area which frankly, I’m kinda looking forward to. Week one has had quite a few challenges, but we’ve pulled through as a great team, we’ve gained new friends for life, and we’ve done what we all set out to do which is battle against cancer until our bodies just can’t go anymore.

All smiles as we push our bikes and our bodies through some dirty stuff in rural new Jersey!

Doin’ the dirty work while fighting childhood cancer with love!

Serotta don’t care about no buddy roads…it just chews right through them and flys on the other side!

Roubaix Leg Syndrome

If you can help, I’m aiming to raise $15,000 before we arrive in Raleigh on the 13th of October, and could use your help! You can contribute by clicking on the “Donate Now” button in the widget on the homepage, or by visiting my fundraising page.

Ride on!

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