PAA 2012 Day 5 Kickoff

From Jersey to Brooklyn…that’s how we roll!

Ahhh, the joys of riding a bike in the rain. Yesterday was the latest installment of real life drama for the PAA peloton. After what was an INCREDIBLY beautiful day cruising down into New York, we happened upon this 100m metal bridge over some jive river in Hackensack, NJ which ended up putting our ride leader, Chad Moore, my roommate, Naveen and myself on the deck.

Kids, here’s a cautionary tale…NEVER ride your bike over a metal bridge at any speed in the rain or snow. You will fall. Period.

Chad and Naveen had to go to the hospital for stitches on deep lacerations to their knees and Chad had to abandon the ride altogether due to the damage he did to his thumb. It was a shocking and really lame way to end what was an otherwise pretty awesome day. But that was yesterday…

Today we rode into New York City! We traversed the George Washington Bridge as a group then rolled down the Hudson River along the bike path there, before banging a left around 57th street and heading over to Columbus Circle and on into Central Park. BIG love to Musette Bakery for the delicious snacks we had upon arrival and BIG love to SKN Photography for capturing the photos from the park.

Hope you enjoy the photos and the footage.

Approaching the George Washington Bridge as we make our way into New York City.

Pablove Across America riders arrive in Columbus Circle for a few laps around the park.

Delicious, and EPO-free snacks from our good friends from Musette!

Adam Weber has his own ideas about ride food.

For my wife. I love you, sweetness!

To top this great day off, I got to head up to Williamsburg to connect with my new friend and future Rouler co-conspirator, Seth Rosko. Totally dug his little enclave, and we hatched a sweet little plan that I’ll be letting you guys in on very soon. So stay tuned!

Rouler and Rosko…together at last.

King Kog on Graham Ave. in Williamsburg. Vintage frames, rare components and lots of sweet personalities.

If you can help, I’m aiming to raise $15,000 before we arrive in Raleigh on the 13th of October, and could use your help! You can contribute by clicking on the “Donate Now” button in the widget on the homepage, or by visiting my fundraising page.

Ride on!

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