PAA 2012 Day 10 Kickoff

Mr. McWhorter rides to Washington! Today we took a beautiful 80 mile ride out in the suburbs of Baltimore and Washington, DC.

The day started out (and pretty much stayed) really cool – grey skies and temps in the 40s all day. Made for a brisk start and a very welcome pit stop in DC at Ebenezer’ Coffee House over near Union Station. After getting warmed up, we all took a quick ride over to the Capitol Building for a few photos and then all the riders cruised down through the mall towards the Washington Monument.

Tomorrow’s a rest day, and we’ll be visiting Children’s National Hospital. Steeling myself up for that one. But that’s why we’re all here. Fighting the fight together, with love.

Pablove takes Capitol Hill.

Jared tweeting amidst the art of architecture and American frame building majesty!

If you can help, I’m aiming to raise $15,000 before we arrive in Raleigh on the 13th of October, and could use your help! You can contribute by clicking on the “Donate Now” button in the widget on the homepage, or by visiting my fundraising page.

Ride on!

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